Saturday, August 27, 2005

Is this the way that business all working?

Hi Buddies!

I am working as a marketing executive for a company who are the world leaders in innovation. I have around 5 products to market, its like donkeys job. As the month end is approaching i have to achieve my targets so i have to do a vigorous selling actitvity. ok! lets think thats my job to sell products and make profit to the company. Sometimes i have to work beyond the business ethics like yesterday i have to promote a visual equipment to a college, the college wants a product which is useful for a gathering of 200 peoples, so i told my boss this is the requirement they asked me to suggest a product as i am new to this product i dont have much knowledge in this, my boss told me to sell one particulat product which is being lying in our stores for more than 2 years. I felt so bad cos i have to give a very old product to the customer, the customer doesnt know that its a very old product but i knew it. What if the product start giving trouble after i install it in the customer's place. Today i slod the product but if there is any problem i may lose the customer once for all. Am not able to do this as a mankind but my friends are telling, dude! thats business!!. today am goin to deliver the product to the customer am just praying god that the product has to work well..


Blogger Anwin Joselyn said...

Gimme the name of the company and I will sue you. hahahaha

Friday, August 26, 2005 3:07:00 PM  

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