Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Capital Punishment really worthy in india

Is capital Punishment given to criminals really worthy in india??

Capital Punishments (Death penalty) are given to the people who commits very serious criminal mistakes, so that it is an example and lesson to others who are intended to do like that.

As there are death penalty has been awarded to many people before and even some criminals are executed in the punishment.

But what happens actually???

Yesterday Delhi High court gave a verdict on a rape case that was happened in 1996 that is almost 10 years back. Earlier the same case was taken in the sessions court but the accused was left free due to influential background play. But after the media and true citizens of india step in to act and again the case was taken in the high court and the death sentence was awarded to the convict.

What will happen after this? In my opinion the convict will be put in jail till the day he has to be hanged. Before the actual date the week before the family members and the convict himself file a mercy petition to the president. As the decision from the president gets delaying the convict canot be hanged before that. So he is allowed to live in this world even after the punishment is awarded.

That is the same thing happened in the Afzal the person who is the master mind behind the parliment attack, indian police and law is not able to execute the capital punishment even though he is awarded one. His mercy petition is still under verification with the government.

There are many case like this who escaped from the law due to loop holes. And there are many cases where the judgment has to be given and yet it is pending for a very long time.

Where india is moving?


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