Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Career Risk

As we climb the corporate ladder, everyone must have faced branching roads. 1 road to enriching technical skillset, 1 road to managing people, 1 road to generate business and many many roads which are less travelled.

All you have to do is choose. That's the tough part.
2 things to note here - common questions which comes across everyone's mind.
1) Q: Why do we need to choose? - Ans: For a better living of ourselves and for others
2) Q: Will the choice be correct? - Ans: You never know until you travel midway in the road. This is called Risk.

--> People who do not wish to take risk can proceed - Take life as it comes. Trust the almighty - be happy

--> People who know what they are capable of, how much competent they are in the IT industry - They make their own paths, they not only help themselves, they help many others also. - be happy and make others also happy (Like my good friend Anoop..)


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