Thursday, October 12, 2006

Shale Oil in india

Shale Oil is the form of oil not in the liquid state but in the solid state. As everybody knew about the formation of the fossil fuels, when the dead materials like wood and many others decay for a million of years if forms the fossil fuels like coal, oil and many other minerals. In the process of transformation of the coal in to oil comes the one more product called shale oil. As this shale oils is not similiar to the oil which is currently available, As it is present in the solid state it requires different technology to extract it. The technology is available now but when extracting the oil from shale oil the rock is crushed in to powder and heated in an extreme high temperature and then it has to cooled down by pouring lots of water over it. Shale is present all over the world. The Main countries which are having the reserves of shale oil are America, Australia, India, Thailand and many others. India is having good amount of shale oil reserves estimated 14 billion tonnes which is only second to US which is having 60 billion tonnes. In india shale oil is present in Assam and Arunchal pradesh shale and coal fields. As this extracting if oil requiries lots of water assam is blessed with lots of water with the river bramaputra. As the estimated quantity of shale oil in india is 14 billion tonnes and in the current requirement calculations this oil can be extracted for morethan 100 years, and india can become a member of OPEC.


Anonymous Anwin said...

machan you buying an oil well soon?

Thursday, October 12, 2006 3:09:00 PM  

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