Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Harlem GlobeTrotters

Harlem Globetrotters is the best basketball show team from US was here in Bangalore for their show. Me and my friend anoop went to saw show it started at 7pm at the starting a lad dressed in globe doing some crowd cheerup tricks and after some time the opponent team who is playing against globe trotters. After that the main team came after some introduction and some trick shots which was very nice to watch they began to play the match even though it was a preplanned one it was very fun watch them playing some nice shoots into the baskets. In the middle of the game they brought the audience to the centre and gave some official merchadise of them. Finally after 2hrs of this fun they won the match. Then they began the autograph session all the kids ran towards them to get autograph one among them was my friend anoop he collected 9 autographs from all the players.

Finally it was a good show and 2hrs of entertainment and i was amased the speed of the players while playing the game. While returning home i was thinking when our indian basketball team will play like this..


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