Thursday, March 01, 2007

Maiden Trip Abroad.

Hello People,

I am going to make my maiden trip aboard to Republic of China (Not the mainland. but Taipei, Taiwan). I am going there as a part of my new Company's Training and workshop. Heard that it is a beautiful country. People there are very polite and helpful. Everybody telling me that food is a constraint there as the preparation is so much different. But i am thinking of give it a try as i am kind of person who eats anything edible form flying to crawling.

I don't Know the possibilities of internet connection so i may not able to get connected to my blog and my dear blog friends. So Please Forgive me.

Please Give me some Do's and Don'ts as a Travel Tips as i am travelling for the first time abroad and give me a list, what i have to buy for you in taiwan.

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