Monday, August 29, 2005


LIFE-What does it mean?? Is it the way that every human being in this world is living or want to live??

I got a SMS some time back and i want to share it..

"Somebody once asked GOD ,What suprises you most about mankind?.God replied.. they lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore their health. By thinking anxiously about the future they forgot the present..such that they live neither for the present nor for the future."

Every human being in this world especialy indians are going through different stages whether they want or not like.

Here i am going to tell how a male transformed through out his life as i am male.

When the child is born till he complete his college life he has to live according to the likes and dislikes of his parents.(say 0.1 to 21yrs).

Next stage is the bacheorhood:When he finishes his studies he has to choose his livings whether he wants or not.that means job.So at this point of time only a man started to think about his own life. When he started to live for himself there will lot of distractions either in the form of siblings who want his attention over them or girlfriend who occupies his whole time for her entertainment.So here again a person is not able to live for himself.

Next stage Marriage: Between 25-30 yrs of age almost every person in india is tend to tie with a girl either of his choice r by parents (simply termed as attempt sucide or planned murder).After this he has to life for the others like wife and children.

He realise and find the true life when he is in the second childhood at that point of time he can not decide abything by himself.

PS: Am also a victim for this cycle of life.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Is this the way that business all working?

Hi Buddies!

I am working as a marketing executive for a company who are the world leaders in innovation. I have around 5 products to market, its like donkeys job. As the month end is approaching i have to achieve my targets so i have to do a vigorous selling actitvity. ok! lets think thats my job to sell products and make profit to the company. Sometimes i have to work beyond the business ethics like yesterday i have to promote a visual equipment to a college, the college wants a product which is useful for a gathering of 200 peoples, so i told my boss this is the requirement they asked me to suggest a product as i am new to this product i dont have much knowledge in this, my boss told me to sell one particulat product which is being lying in our stores for more than 2 years. I felt so bad cos i have to give a very old product to the customer, the customer doesnt know that its a very old product but i knew it. What if the product start giving trouble after i install it in the customer's place. Today i slod the product but if there is any problem i may lose the customer once for all. Am not able to do this as a mankind but my friends are telling, dude! thats business!!. today am goin to deliver the product to the customer am just praying god that the product has to work well..

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Nuclear Families!

Hi Buddies! here i am going to post one short story which i read some time back in the form of a drama(dialogue)..its not my own idea.

One sunday morning in a house of a recently married indian couple

Mr.X: Wake up dear its 8'o clock. get up and make coffee for me.
Mr.X's Wife: sorry dear i want to sleep for some more time as i am not feeling well.
pls help yourself for the coffee and make my self one. pls.

Mr.X: What! you want me to make coffee for you. sorry i cant. what you are
thinking yourself by making me to make coffee today and you start expect me to
do this regularly.i am going out and have it.

(Coming out of the home Mr. X walking towards the coffee shop, on the way he met he friend Mr.Y, he is a bachelor)

Mr.X: hai da, how r u?
Mr.Y: G8, how r u? wht are you doing here in the early morning, i am a bachelor so i
have to come out everyday to have coffee, but in ur case its not like that na.
Mr.X: No, my wife is not well, so i came out.
Mr.Y: Ho! you have to buy coffee for her, why cant you make urself in ur home itself?
Mr.X: What u r telling i cant make coffee, if i start today she will expect me to do
it everyday and i will become a cook.
Mr.Y: ok, we are near our friend Mr.Z's house lets see what he is doin?

(They both entering Mr.Z's home, Mr. Z welcome both and offered him a cup of coffee)

Mr.Y: Nice coffee dude, Thanks to ur wife, Where is she?
Mr.Z: Hey this coffee was made by me? as my wife is busy with some other work.
Mr.X: What happened to you? are you alright?
Mr.Z: Whats wrong in that?
Mr.X: If you start doing all this work then why we are having wife, its their job?
Mr.Z: We usually help eachother in our work so that we can finish the work early and
had time to relax together. I will help her in the weekdays too so that we can
go to our offices early.

(Mr.X thinks what happens in their weekday morning activities as its usually filled with lots of tension, suddenly he thinks about his wife and realise she is not able to do today thats y she asked him to get her coffee)

Mr.X: ok guys, got to go my wife is alone in home and she is not well i have to get some breakfast for her. bye! see u later.

The people Mr.X,Y,Z we are seeing in our everyday life.

PS: i want to mention one thing here i am Mr.Y..

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

For the children not by the children!!!

Hai. I am a good lover of firecrackers as the festival of lights(Diwali) are fast approaching in this one of the biggest event is to burst fire crackers. As its been enjoyed by both kids as well as adults. But now a days this percentage is being shrinking due to many reasons like rules being imposed over the bursting of crackers
1) Time limit.
2) Decibel level of the fire cracker.
More than this some schools and misionaries are doing some activities among the children not to burst crackers in the festivel time as they are telling fire crackers are manufactured by children. By doing this i dont know what they are achieving, one thing i can tell they are destroying the hope of the families who are totally relay on this work. there are around one lakh people who are directly or indirectly involving in the industry for their livelihood. Here i want to tell about sivakasi where 95% of the total fire cracker is being produced. there are around 200 fireworks factories and 350 match works most of the people living here rely on this industry and printing industry which is also rely on this.
Sometimes back there is a controversy in the region that children are involving in the manufacturing of the crackers. I agree to that because there are some incidents which related to the child labouring happened. But now the things have changed now every fireworks are checked frequently to ensure that children are not involving in the manufacturing of crackers. But still the child labour is becoming a major issue in blacking out the sale of the cracker.

Let buy cracker and enjoy it!...

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

New kid

Hi Guys! Am the New kid in the block(blog)..

Hope i will have a nice time as anybody here.