Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Coconut Groove.

Camera: Kodak Z650.
Location: My Farm House, Sivakasi, TN, India.


Thursday, September 13, 2007


I am sick of being sick....
What to do, destiny can not be change nor re-written.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Give and Take.

Tolerance and the adjustability are the two magic words which are required now a days to sustain in this world of myseries. We are seeing lots of divorces stories in the media in which the key factor is misunderstanding. Why this misunderstanding between the life partners reduced? is that due to the Non-intimacy, work pressure or Ego...

In my childhood my father used to tell us a story which gives an example for give and take policy one have to adapt in life and how it helps us to get not only intimacy intimacy but develops good attitude between people.

Here it goes...

In a jungle there lived a elephant couple. They lived happily as there is no shortage of supplies for their living and loved each other company. Suddenly there was a shortage in the food as there was no rain in the monsoon time. There was shortage of the drinking water, both the elephants walked for a long distance in search of some drinking water. Finally they found a small pond of water which is enough for only one elephant. The male elephant told the other that u seemed very thirsty so drink first and they if there is anything remaining i will have the rest. But the female elephant told the same thing but the other way around. Then they come to the conclusion that both of them put the trunks in to the water and drink equal amount of water so that both can get rid of the thirsty to some level. Both agreed and put the trunk and started drinking water but the water level in that small pond did not reduced. Actually the story ends in the way that the male elephant thought that atleast the female elephant drink water, the same as the female elephant which thought the male elephant drink the water. They laughed at each other and started drinking water equally and left.

We can consider this story for sharing of resources what we have or height of intimacy that we can get in to if we have the tolerance or give and take policy.
Note: Picture is not taken by me. It is from the internet.